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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How to Spot a Potential Scam Freelancing Job Listing Site

As a freelancer, there are now many free job posting sites where you can join and find potential clients. While such websites attract a lot of members, not all of them are legit. Yes, many of them look like real, especially if you only depend on their promises. Sad to say, these scam sites continue to victimize people despite the complaints from everywhere. So before you join any freelancing job site, here are some clues that will tell you that it is likely a scam.

Receiving invitations without giving them your contact information

This is probably the oldest way of scamming people. And mind you, their offers are so enticing and very irresistible. But before you get excited, simply ask yourself, “How in the world did the sender knew that I am a freelancer of my field if I didn't give them my contact number or email address?” So if you receive such message on your phone or email, delete it immediately. Don't waste your time replying, as it is very much likely to be a scam.

No or very short About page

Every website should have an About page, And yes, a very short About page is not considered as legit. In some cases, the name of the owner (or owners) of the business is not mentioned, and that's fine. However, it must contain clear information on what services they offer. There's really no standard for the length of an About page, but two short paragraphs are not enough to explain everything. Take note also of grammatical errors and misspelled words.

No contact information

All micro job sites should also reveal their contact information. It can be their physical address (or email address) or contact number. If you find them on their Contact page, try giving a call or send an email. If you send an email, the response should include specific answers to your questions, and not an automated message. Some sites use plugin Contact page, where you are required to fill out. That's fine, as long as you received a legit response.

Has tons of complaints of scam but no response

Go to Google, and look for reviews about the site. For example, “Amojobs reviews” or “Amojobs scam.” While it is normal that you might find negative reviews or accusing it for being a scam, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a scam. However, it is very important that the site owner or its representative responds to the allegations. If there is no single defense despite the tons of complaints, then there is a very huge possibility that the site is a scam.

We at Amojobs are proud to say that our site is legit, and we are 100% sure about it. We help freelancers and employers, without asking for a registration fee. Payments are in Escrow to make sure the freelancer  is paid once the client approves the work. We don't have hidden fees, and we treat every member equal. And more importantly, we reply to questions and concerns as fast as possible.

But don't take our word for it. Try joining us at and see for yourself.

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