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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Why You Should Not Pay Freelancers Lower Than The Standard

Many businessman prefer paying for freelance services instead of hiring employees because they can save money. Well, it's true that freelancers usually ask for pay than employees. It's because it's much cheaper in the long run because you don't need to pay for their health benefits and supplies. But unfortunately, some clients tend to pay freelancers lower than the standard.  Below are some major reasons why you should not do the same.

You are insulting the freelancer

Yes, you are. You might not be aware about it, but paying someone lower than he deserves is a direct insult. You see, freelancers spend precious time in computing their expenses and profit before coming up with their price range. Sometimes, they make some adjustments if they feel that the amount is too high. So if you offer him a very unreasonable price, he might accept it only because he badly needed money that time. In short, he's not really happy.

He will not work for you again

Freelancing is a business, and therefore freelancers work for a profit. So if he didn't receive his desired earnings, do you think he will still work for you in the future? Yes, you might think you have fooled him, but not really. Freelancers are smart, especially those who have been in the industry for several years. They have a list of clients, and they remember those who treat them well, and those who didn't. And yes, they will not even bother reading your next offer.

He will ruin your reputation

Just like businessmen, freelancers also have their own networks. And although some of them might not yet seen each other in person, they have already established a healthy professional relationship with each other. Many of them use social sites for communication, other than email and forums. If one of them feels being insulted by a client, he will tell it to his fellow freelancers, and that client will be blacklisted. Of course, you don't want that to happen.

You should not expect high quality of work

This is actually the most painful part. Imagine yourself suffering from headaches after realizing that the work has multiple errors after you approve it. Yes, many freelancers who accept very low pay are really good. But because they feel degraded, they will not be sincere with you, and may intentionally make mistakes that you will not easily notice. Chances are you will be mad at him. But deep inside, you know your mistake, and you will regret it.

We at Amojobs have dedicated freelancers, who spent years in improving their craft. Although you can negotiate for a lower price, don't offer them below the standard. And don't be happy if they accept it. We will not be responsible for your loss, if your intention is to take advantage of them. But the good thing is, we also protect clients from scam freelancers.

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

When It's Better to Hire Freelancers Instead of Full-Time Employees

If your business has a new project, you are likely to hire new set of workers. But at some point, you are torn between hiring freelancers and hiring full-time employees. These days, you can easily find freelancers of any field on the web. These kind of workers usually work on  contracts, and are paid either per hour or per project. But before you place your ads on free job listing sites, here are some tips that will help you decide which worker you should hire.

When the project is only for a short period of time

Most likely, you already have an idea on how long the project will take. If the project will only take a few months, say 2 to 3 months, hiring freelancers is a better option. Obviously, you will not need those workers once the project is done, and therefore it's just practical to hire temporary workers only. After all, you can still contact them if there are similar projects in the future; that is of course it their work is excellent. But yes, you can still find similar freelancers.

When you don't want or don't have time to train people

Newly-hired employees are required to undergo series of training before deployment. If you don't have enough time to train people or you simply don't want to, then hiring freelancers is for you. Besides portfolio indicating years of experience, freelancers usually have samples that will prove that they can do the required task. Therefore, you don't really need to train them. All you need to explain are the requirements and the specific instructions for the job.

When you want to avoid extra work and expenses

Freelancers are the responsible for the filing and paying their taxes, health insurance and other benefits. By getting freelance services, you are not only saving money for space and supplies such as electricity, you are also avoiding yourself from extra work. In fact, this is really one of the main reasons why freelancers are getting more popular these days. Freelancers may have also higher pay than employees, but cheaper in terms of overhead costs.

There are other cases when you should prefer hiring freelancers, but it's still depends on what you like. However, there are tasks that are somehow intended for freelancers only. This includes web design, article writing, social media marketing, virtual assistance and other related online jobs. Understanding when to hire freelancers or employees can definitely help you avoid having headaches, and can also help your business grow with less expenses.

If you need any kind of professional freelancer, we at Amojobs can help you through our long list of job categories, online and offline. We have carpenters, painters, carpet cleaners, landscape designers or other offline professionals, along with online freelancers. We also don't require registration fee, and we don't have hidden fees. But more importantly, we only send payment to freelancers once you approve their work. This is to protect you from scams.
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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How to Spot a Potential Scam Freelancing Job Listing Site

As a freelancer, there are now many free job posting sites where you can join and find potential clients. While such websites attract a lot of members, not all of them are legit. Yes, many of them look like real, especially if you only depend on their promises. Sad to say, these scam sites continue to victimize people despite the complaints from everywhere. So before you join any freelancing job site, here are some clues that will tell you that it is likely a scam.

Receiving invitations without giving them your contact information

This is probably the oldest way of scamming people. And mind you, their offers are so enticing and very irresistible. But before you get excited, simply ask yourself, “How in the world did the sender knew that I am a freelancer of my field if I didn't give them my contact number or email address?” So if you receive such message on your phone or email, delete it immediately. Don't waste your time replying, as it is very much likely to be a scam.

No or very short About page

Every website should have an About page, And yes, a very short About page is not considered as legit. In some cases, the name of the owner (or owners) of the business is not mentioned, and that's fine. However, it must contain clear information on what services they offer. There's really no standard for the length of an About page, but two short paragraphs are not enough to explain everything. Take note also of grammatical errors and misspelled words.

No contact information

All micro job sites should also reveal their contact information. It can be their physical address (or email address) or contact number. If you find them on their Contact page, try giving a call or send an email. If you send an email, the response should include specific answers to your questions, and not an automated message. Some sites use plugin Contact page, where you are required to fill out. That's fine, as long as you received a legit response.

Has tons of complaints of scam but no response

Go to Google, and look for reviews about the site. For example, “Amojobs reviews” or “Amojobs scam.” While it is normal that you might find negative reviews or accusing it for being a scam, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a scam. However, it is very important that the site owner or its representative responds to the allegations. If there is no single defense despite the tons of complaints, then there is a very huge possibility that the site is a scam.

We at Amojobs are proud to say that our site is legit, and we are 100% sure about it. We help freelancers and employers, without asking for a registration fee. Payments are in Escrow to make sure the freelancer  is paid once the client approves the work. We don't have hidden fees, and we treat every member equal. And more importantly, we reply to questions and concerns as fast as possible.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

How Freelancers Can Decide on How Much to Charge and Get Paid What You're Worth

Unlike before when you're still an employee, you are now to decide how much you should get paid. This seems to be exciting as no one can force you simply because you are now your boss. However, this becomes difficult as you don't only need to make sure that you're getting paid what you're truly worth. Whether you are a new freelancer or an already experienced one, below are some of the important factors to consider before you accept the price offer.

Working time

You can decide as to whether you get paid on per hourly basis or per project. Nevertheless,  it is very important that you know how long you can finish it. Apparently, many freelancers simply use the current price rates in the market. Although you can also do the same, this is quite tricky especially that freelancers come from different parts of the world. Therefore, the key here is to study the other factors first before you finally decide on your price range.

Overhead expenses

This includes electricity consumption, supplies and other expenditures you need to spend for  while doing the project. In doing so, you can use your working time for the project as your basis. If you're living in a third-world country, your overhead expenses might be considerably lower than those living in the US or UK. However, you should remember that the economy status of your country is not always stable. Therefore, your expenditures may change abruptly.


As a freelancer, you are now a businessman and not a mere worker. Therefore, the profit you earn is the amount you earn minus your expenses. But no, this is not as not as simple as you think. In some cases, you need to lower your profit if your client is not a big company. This is why you should first know the client before presenting him your price offer. Remember, clients are not just employers. They hire freelancers to solve their problems, not just to serve them.


Again, freelancing is a business and is therefore a two-way street. Clients prefer freelancing services over hiring employees not only to minimize their responsibilities, but also to save money. As a freelancer, it's your responsibility to satisfy the client but still getting paid what you're worth. A satisfied client will not hesitate to recommend you to their friends, and pay higher for the next project. Therefore, you should not only earn money but also to earn trust.

Joining free job posting sites like ours will not help only you find clients, but will also help you know how much you should be paid. With us, you will see the price range being offered by freelancers of almost any field of expertise, online or offline. Our long list of categories for local jobs include such as carpentry, carpet cleaning and landscape design. For online jobs, we have article writing, animation, web design, logo design, video editing, and many more.

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Newbie Freelancers Tips on How to Build a Super Irresistible Portfolio

Newbie Freelancers Tips on How to Build a Super Irresistible Portfolio

So you finally decided to quit your daily job to offer freelance services. After doing some brainstorming with yourself, you realized that it's high time to work at home, and without a boss. That's great, but it's really not that easy as you think because you need to start from scratch. The first thing you should have is a portfolio as a freelancer, not as a job applicant.

And no, it's not  the same as your resume you use to have. First of all, a freelance portfolio is a website and therefore a living document. But don't worry; you don't really have to be a techie guy just to create a super irresistible portfolio that can immediately attract potential clients. Here are some tips for newbie freelancers, no matter which field you are belong to.

Choose a domain name that can create a strong impact

Choosing a platform is not really a problem, as there are a lot of free and paid ones to choose from. Your domain name can also simply be '' However, it would look like just a personal blog and not a portfolio. Well, you also use it as your personal blog but it will be better if your domain name should also include something about your expertise and your own brand. Keep it short and easy to remember, but can immediately create a strong impact.

Use a viewer-friendly theme

Use a theme that fits your audience, and not just what you like. Make sure that it is compatible with all browsers, and it supports third-party plug-ins. There are many free themes especially from Wordpress, but avoid those that require a lot of backlinks. On the other hand, there are also affordable premium themes that offer lifetime updates and support. The colors should also reflect the services you offer, and the pages should be easy to navigate.

Focus your content on your potential clients

Unlike in your resume or CV, your portfolio should focus on the benefits of the clients if they hire you. Although you should include important details about you, make them short and don't praise yourself. When putting samples of your work, choose the ones that different kinds of clients can relate with. Never put false testimonials, as many smart clients might investigate if they are true. Add an FAQ page so readers will have less questions when they contact you.

Talk to your readers as if they are in front of you

This is actually the most important part. Note that you are communicating online, and you must earn the trust of your potential clients even if you haven't talked to each other yet. If you need to mention some technical terms, explain it like talking to a 10-year old child. Explain your samples clearly, rather than just putting their screen shots. In short, make your readers feel that they are important, and that you are here to help them.

But of course, you can also attract clients by joining free job posting sites like ours. We at Amojobs give equal opportunities to both veteran and newbie freelancers in any field. And just like your portfolio, we also allow our freelancers to optimize their profiles.

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