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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Why You Should Not Pay Freelancers Lower Than The Standard

Many businessman prefer paying for freelance services instead of hiring employees because they can save money. Well, it's true that freelancers usually ask for pay than employees. It's because it's much cheaper in the long run because you don't need to pay for their health benefits and supplies. But unfortunately, some clients tend to pay freelancers lower than the standard.  Below are some major reasons why you should not do the same.

You are insulting the freelancer

Yes, you are. You might not be aware about it, but paying someone lower than he deserves is a direct insult. You see, freelancers spend precious time in computing their expenses and profit before coming up with their price range. Sometimes, they make some adjustments if they feel that the amount is too high. So if you offer him a very unreasonable price, he might accept it only because he badly needed money that time. In short, he's not really happy.

He will not work for you again

Freelancing is a business, and therefore freelancers work for a profit. So if he didn't receive his desired earnings, do you think he will still work for you in the future? Yes, you might think you have fooled him, but not really. Freelancers are smart, especially those who have been in the industry for several years. They have a list of clients, and they remember those who treat them well, and those who didn't. And yes, they will not even bother reading your next offer.

He will ruin your reputation

Just like businessmen, freelancers also have their own networks. And although some of them might not yet seen each other in person, they have already established a healthy professional relationship with each other. Many of them use social sites for communication, other than email and forums. If one of them feels being insulted by a client, he will tell it to his fellow freelancers, and that client will be blacklisted. Of course, you don't want that to happen.

You should not expect high quality of work

This is actually the most painful part. Imagine yourself suffering from headaches after realizing that the work has multiple errors after you approve it. Yes, many freelancers who accept very low pay are really good. But because they feel degraded, they will not be sincere with you, and may intentionally make mistakes that you will not easily notice. Chances are you will be mad at him. But deep inside, you know your mistake, and you will regret it.

We at Amojobs have dedicated freelancers, who spent years in improving their craft. Although you can negotiate for a lower price, don't offer them below the standard. And don't be happy if they accept it. We will not be responsible for your loss, if your intention is to take advantage of them. But the good thing is, we also protect clients from scam freelancers.

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