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Friday, 3 June 2016

Newbie Freelancers Tips on How to Build a Super Irresistible Portfolio

Newbie Freelancers Tips on How to Build a Super Irresistible Portfolio

So you finally decided to quit your daily job to offer freelance services. After doing some brainstorming with yourself, you realized that it's high time to work at home, and without a boss. That's great, but it's really not that easy as you think because you need to start from scratch. The first thing you should have is a portfolio as a freelancer, not as a job applicant.

And no, it's not  the same as your resume you use to have. First of all, a freelance portfolio is a website and therefore a living document. But don't worry; you don't really have to be a techie guy just to create a super irresistible portfolio that can immediately attract potential clients. Here are some tips for newbie freelancers, no matter which field you are belong to.

Choose a domain name that can create a strong impact

Choosing a platform is not really a problem, as there are a lot of free and paid ones to choose from. Your domain name can also simply be '' However, it would look like just a personal blog and not a portfolio. Well, you also use it as your personal blog but it will be better if your domain name should also include something about your expertise and your own brand. Keep it short and easy to remember, but can immediately create a strong impact.

Use a viewer-friendly theme

Use a theme that fits your audience, and not just what you like. Make sure that it is compatible with all browsers, and it supports third-party plug-ins. There are many free themes especially from Wordpress, but avoid those that require a lot of backlinks. On the other hand, there are also affordable premium themes that offer lifetime updates and support. The colors should also reflect the services you offer, and the pages should be easy to navigate.

Focus your content on your potential clients

Unlike in your resume or CV, your portfolio should focus on the benefits of the clients if they hire you. Although you should include important details about you, make them short and don't praise yourself. When putting samples of your work, choose the ones that different kinds of clients can relate with. Never put false testimonials, as many smart clients might investigate if they are true. Add an FAQ page so readers will have less questions when they contact you.

Talk to your readers as if they are in front of you

This is actually the most important part. Note that you are communicating online, and you must earn the trust of your potential clients even if you haven't talked to each other yet. If you need to mention some technical terms, explain it like talking to a 10-year old child. Explain your samples clearly, rather than just putting their screen shots. In short, make your readers feel that they are important, and that you are here to help them.

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